[Mexico] Trip Report : DEC. 27-JAN.05, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.6

[#Mexico] Trip Report : DEC. 27-JAN.05, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.6

The day 6, the last day of diving for this trip, we dove at El Canyon.  The visibility was 15-18 meters. The water temperature was 24-25 deg.C. We went out to the blue water to search for Hammerhead Sharks. Waited a little while, then, about 2 dozens of Hammerhead Sharks appeared! And the HUNDREDS of Yellowfin Tunas kept on passing in front of us!!  I was astonished by them! Besides, Manta Rays and Galapagos Sharks were seen. It was a fantastic start of the 2019! Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip lucked out! Hope to see you all again!