[Mexico] Trip Report : DEC. 27-JAN.05, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : DEC. 27-JAN.05, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.1

Feliz Año Nuevo!  Happy new year!! Our new year trip went very successful! Here is the report!

The day 1, we dove at El Canyon for the check dive.  The water temperature was 24-25 deg.C. The visibility was as great as 20-25m.  It was such a gorgeous start of the dive trip with a Hammerhead Sharks’ river as we arrived at the deep side. And a Tiger Shark was right on the other side. The 2nd, 3rd 4th dive were at El Boiler because the day 1 seemed like the calmest day in terms of the wind condition. We had a great luck with five Manta Rays swimming around us all the time. Besides, a various Sharks such as Hammerhead Shark, Dusky Shark and Silvertip Shark were seen. To be continued…