[Mexico] Trip Report : NOV. 12-21, 2018, Socorro Islands Vol.4

[#Mexico] Trip Report : NOV. 12-21, 2018, #Socorro Islands Vol.4

The day 6, we dove at El Boiler, instead of El Canyon. The weather and sea condition allowed us to stay one more day at El Boiler. We were welcomed by Dolphins in the early morning. Even the baby dolphin swam with us. Then, Manta, Manta, Manta! Total 8 of them! Hooray!  Besides, a Hammerhead Shark appeared as well. On our way back to the marina, we also encountered with a Blue Whale! I felt super happy!! The visibility was 25-30 meters. The water temperature was 26-27 deg.C.

Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip fantastic! Hope to see you all again!