[Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 22-28, 2018, Sea of Cortez Route Vol.3

[#Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 22-28, 2018, Sea of #Cortez Route Vol.3

Hola, the day 3 was a lucky day at El Bajo. We had 3 dives in a row at the Hammerhead paradise. Right after reached at the Hammerhead point, before we started to look, they just appeared! And stay with us for about 20 minutes! It was very excited.

The day 4, we were at Lobera de San Francisquito for the 1st and 2nd dives of the day. What was so special about the day was a big school of Barracudas! They were going circle around us for a while. Then, the school of Bigeye Scads joined them as we went back at the end of the second dive. It was crazy that we could not see the bottom because of them. The 3rd dive was at El Bajito. We enjoyed to find a cute tiny Nudibranch here but the strong current didn’t cooperate to take a picture of it unfortunately. The 4th dive was at Punta Tintorera. We successfully spotted the Gulf Signal Blenny as per guest’s request. Plus, we had fun observing Bullseye Electric Ray and Garden Eels and SPAWNING of Mexican Hogfish! It was very interesting.

The water temperature was 27-29 deg.C. To be continued…