Mexico Socorro Islands trip report : FEB.10 – 19, 2018

#Mexico #SocorroIslands trip report : FEB10 – 19, 2018

Hola! The trip we had from FEB. 10th to 19th for Socorro Islands was fantastic!  Even though Mantas were hidden somewhere, we got very friendly Dolphins instead. Besides, Hammerhead Sharks and a Whale Sharks at Roca Partida surprised us very well. And we continually got surprised by Humpback Whales breaching again and again, plus a gigantic school of Common Dolphins followed our boat on the way back!  The water temperature was 24-26 deg.C. The air temperature was 19-24 deg.C.  The 5mm wetsuit plus an inner shirt were recommended. Please don’t forget to bring a windbreaker on the deck. Thank you all for joining us and also for making our trip amazing! Hope we all see you guys again.