Maldives Trip Report : DEC. 16-23 2017, Male-Ari-Vaavu Route Vol.5

#Maldives Trip Report : DEC. 16-23 2017, #Male-#Ari-#Vaavu Route Vol.5

The day 5, last day for diving of this trip.  The 1st dive of the day was at Miyaru Kandu in Vaavu Atoll. Before the entry to the water, a school of Spinner Dolphins came to us to say “hello.” They were so cute! In the water, we enjoyed diving with Grey Reef Sharks, Bigeye Trevallies and Spotted Eagle Rays! Besides, one of our groups encountered with a Marlin! The 2nd dive was at Kandhooma Thila in South Ari Atoll. We enjoyed many big fish such as Grey Reef Sharks and Bigeye Trevallies again! On the reef there were many Sea Goldies and Indian Frame Fairy Basslets dancing around! So beautiful! At the end, a Green Turtle appeared as we were in the middle of the safety stop. The 3rd dive was at Vilivaru Gili. It was very relaxing. We celebrated our guests’ birthday and also their memorable dives! Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip amazing. Hope to see you all again!