Maldives Trip Report : DEC. 09-16 2017, Male-Ari-Vaavu Route Vol.6

#Maldives Trip Report : DEC. 09-16 2017, #Male-#Ari-#Vaavu Route Vol.6

The day 6, the last day for diving of this trip. The 1st dive of the day was at Kandooma Thila in South Male Atoll. With a medium strong current, right after the entry we got to the bottom and stayed there waiting for big fish. We barely saw many of Grey Reef Sharks far away. Spotted Eagle Rays were swimming against the current very hard. Then, a mixed school of Giant Trevallies and Bigeye Trevallies passed by. Then we got blown away as we exit. The 2nd dive was at Fish Tank in North Male Atoll.  Our last dive was aiming for Guitar Sharks but we missed it. We made a group photo with all the guests in the water instead. Besides, enjoyed observing the regulars here such as Pink Whiprays, False Moorish Idols and various Morays. Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip very enjoyable! Hope to see you all again!