Maldives Trip Report : NOV. 18-22 2017, Male-Ari Route Vol.3

#Maldives Trip Report : NOV. 18-22 2017, #Male-#Ari Route Vol.3

The day 3, last day for diving of this trip since we have a short trip! We started with searching for Whale Sharks in South Ari. The 1st dive was at Sun Island Out. It was fun to see a school of Yellowback Fusiliers in the middle and Whitetip Reef Sharks sleeping in the bottom. We found Scrawled Butterflyfish several times near the reef as well. Before the 2nd dive we finally found a Whale Shark and enjoyed snorkeling with him. We switched to dive at Maamigiri Out for the 2nd dive. And we made it with diving too! The 3rd dive was at Kudarah Thila. We concluded this trip with the encounter with a Spotted Eagle Ray!  After dive a nice dinner on a white sand beach should have waited for us. Just we had a shower when we were about to start a BBQ dinner thought. 😉 Still, the dinner was yummy! Thank you all for choosing us and also for making this trip amazing. Hope to see you all again!